A Troubling Tuesday

"A rough day was had..."

Yesterday I woke up feeling kind of yucky, there was just this gross chalky feeling in my stomach. For breakfast I had a cup of mixed vegetables, and two tablespoons of pasta salad. I went for my walk at noon, and it was the worst. The whole morning I had been feeling sluggish, weak, and like I had no energy. I felt like I was getting exhausted from the slightest movements, and when I went walking it didn't get any better. I struggled through the entire thing, I wanted to quit less than half way, I wanted to sit on the benches, but my buddy convinced me to keep on, keeping on. So I did. I got home feeling drained, soon as I entered the door I went for the couch. My mom said it looked like I had a tough walk, I told her my situation, and then went to my bed and napped until my 4'clock appointment with my doctor.

Felt like a chore getting to the car. My doctor increased one of my medications from once a day, to twice a day. I'm not at all pleased with this. I'm tired of popping pills! On the way home mom was trying to figure out what might have caused the way I was feeling. I let it slip about the particularly low calorie Monday I had, and she was alarmed to say the least. She was semi-panicking (mom can be dramatic sometimes) she went on and on about how I'm starving myself, that I'm obsessed, that I need to do things the right way, I'm killing myself etc. I promised her I'd eat more. For a late lunch I'm had a few tablespoons of pasta salad. For dinner a cup and half of pasta salad, two hash browns, and some sliced pickles.

Calories 1,518

Sodium 1,969

A rough day was had, and my night wasn't much better, I  got to sleep late and tossed and turned all night.


  1. Hi Brandon, well, i too have been concerned about such an extreme reduction of calories. I also have noticed that some of those calories are "empty" such as potato chips. I think your body is crying out for additional calories and specifically increased protein.
    I know how hard you are working but I think maybe you need to slow down a bit.

  2. I think your body is really telling you it needs food! 1500 sounds much better to me.


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