The Weigh In

"I strayed from my path for a week and I paid the price.."

I knew today's weigh in wasn't going to be pretty. Last week I weighed 495 pounds, this week, the exact same! This is a defeat for me, yes it could have been worse, I could have gained, but if I'm not moving in the right direction, I'm moving in the wrong, and staying still falls in the latter.

I look back at my week and I was extreme lenient with myself in comparison to ever other week. I broke my sodium goal  (2,300) every single day! And went over my weekly goal calorie regularly. The goal was to eat between 1200-1500 calories

Monday calories  1,411 sodium 3,192

Tuesday calories 1,479 sodium 3,708

Wednesday calories 2,903 sodium 3,792

Thursday calories 2,610 sodium 6,450

Friday calories 1,978 sodium 2,931

Saturday calories 1,710 sodium 2,430

Yesterday (Sunday) calories 2,896 sodium 4,745

I went over my self appointed calorie goals, but never my default of 3,580. That sodium I believe is what did me in. I strayed from my path for a week and I paid the price. Live and learn. I am upset, but will carry on. Luckily what this did was bring back my focus. I'm no longer obsessing about red meat, and chili cheese fries and other delicious stuff. It's back to business.


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