Then There's Thursday

"losing weight isn't as simple as calories in and calories out..."

This day kind of just happened. There weren't  particularly interesting aspects to it. I was in a relatively low-mood the entire day. For breakfast I had a leftover turkey burger, and hash browns, basically the dinner the night before. I was really just trying to fuel up for my walk. In the afternoon me and my buddy went walking, it was a nice day, but I again wasn't quite into it. I wanted to quit halfway, even though physically I was feeling quite able. Once again my friend pushed me to keep charging ahead, and so I did. He invited me to go camping this summer, he and his girlfriend go a lot, they're going this weekend  in fact, and said I should join them sometime. I immediately declined, he asked why, I told him it was being outdoors, and bugs, but truth is I'm just scared to jumping into such a new unfamiliar thing. He argued that I should go camping at least once, I reminded him that I had, infact he had been there.

When we were about 13, myself, him and three of our other friends went camping... for a night.... in our friends backyard... mere feet from their home. Hey, it counts! He finally gave up, and then I suddenly thought "do it" and I said okay, I'll go sometime. It dawned on me that these are the kind of experiences I want, doing something different, and potentially fun, taking a chance. Why not allow myself to experience something new, as scary as that can be. I returned home tired, and retired to my room. I watched a very powerful, and quite overwhelming documentary on Netflix called Fed Up, it discusses Americas obesity pandemic, how corporations are responsible, that losing weight isn't as simple as calories in and calories out, shows how corporations ban together to stop government  from making decisions that could ultimately lead to healthier lifestyles for us all. It also chronicles several morbidly obese kids struggle with there weight, and I was quite emotional, I seen myself in quite a few of them, it really took me back to my youth, I feel for those kids. I definitely recommend watching this movie, it's really opened my eyes, but it's quite overwhelming. I could write about this movie for days, but for now let's get back to basics.

For dinner I had tuna egg salad and saltine crackers, my mom doesn't normally buy salted crackers, she stopped doing that years ago, so I was quite shocked to discover they were actual crackers with salt. I must say, it was quite  nice.

Calories 1,969

Sodium 4,410


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