A Very-Veggie Monday

Yesterday was pretty interesting food wise. I weighed in and then promptly had a leftover hash brown and two servings of potato chips. I went walking in the afternoon and then returned home and had two cups of mixed vegetables. No salt, no butter, no cheese, just Mrs. Dash, and it was hard to get through being so bland, but was filling. For dinner more veggies, I had two cups of mixed greens with a couple ounces of shredded turkey. It was a low calorie day to say the least.

Calories 607

Sodium 2,279

I was almost vegetarian for a day, if not for shredded turkey.


  1. Hey Brandon.

    I'm getting pretty worried about you with your eating plan. This past week's weigh in is a dangerous sign, more for you mentally than physically. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, will have weeks where they don't lose. You had a giant loss the week before and your body needs time to adjust. Not losing is normal and next week, you will be back on track. Your thought process and method could use some tweaking, though, and I say this concern and caring. I want you to succeed.

    Please read some or one of the links below about why you need to eat to lose weight. Starving yourself may make the pounds drop for a while, yes, but you are losing muscle which is quite dangerous. You'll lose weight but you'll be a sloppy, weak mess eventually, and I don't that is the look you are going for. You are young and have the ability to do anything you want. Anyway, the links . . .




    You are a smart kid, and I'd hate to see you do all this work for nothing. I think of it this way - if I'm not willing to do this plan for the rest of my life, why do it now? The minute you change back to any habit that is 1200 calories or less, you'll gain weight. I know you don't want that. I know you want to conquer this battle. But please, do it smartly so that you get to stick around to see the results.

    Good job on adding the vegetables in! Lemon juice does a lot to flavor them, as does olive oil. You'll need the good fats to feel full and to add flavor. Maybe two teaspoons a day will keep your skin healthy (less loose skin), your hair healthy (less loss from poor nutrition) and keep your gall bladder working properly (gall bladder attacks are brutal and often lead to surgery.)

    I'm proud of you. I want you to be proud of you. You are worth good things. Don't forget that.

  2. Sorry, but what I meant was *any plan that is 1.200 calories or more

  3. Thanks for the links I just got done reading those articles, very informative. I must say I'm rather overwhelmed by them to be honest. It seems like I read articles that say less is more, or more is less every other day. What's the truth!? It's frustrating. I just read an article about famous magician Penn Jillete lost over 100 pounds in less than a year on an extreme low calorie diet (1000 a day). There is proof it can work. I don't know I'm so torn, I've been raising a lot of alarms with people lately regarding my eating, and alleged obsession with losing weight. I just want it so bad.

  4. I know you do. I can see it in every word you write. I struggle with my weight, too, and to date, it has been my biggest challenge. I'll conquer it, though, and you will too.

    I say to you, look at how you feel right now. I read your post today and before I even finished it, I thought, "he's weak because his body is hungry." You don't feel good and I would guess that a good chunk of that is related to what you put into your body, or don't. But I also say to you, this is your journey. You have to be able to manage it.

    Maybe you should just do some reading about healthy weight loss. I heard the story of Penn Jillete, too, and good on him. But do you really want to spend the rest of your life eating 1,000 calories or less? That is what he is going to have to do to maintain that loss. I wish him all the best, of course, but I do wonder how long he will stay at his current weight.

    I will say that it is okay to trust the apps you've looked at. My Fitness Pal, Livestrong, Spark People - whatever. There is a lot of science in their information regarding what a body needs to be healthy, to lose weight, and to not break down. A calorie goal is a legitimate need. That goal will go down as you lose weight. How much further down can you go from 600 when your weight loss stalls?

    As much time as you have to spend doing the research, do that. Read whatever you can about people who have succeeded and how they did it. Research Paleo and Veganism and low fat and low carb. Mediterranean diet. Just a simple moderation diet. See what fits for you, and what you can maintain. But be honest about what you read and give it true thought. There's always another fad. There will always be something vying for your attention. Figure out your healthy you and don't focus on one person's success story. Be your own. You've got this.


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