Memorial Monday, The Weigh-In & More

It's Memorial Day here in the States, a day for honoring those who gave their lives in the armed forces. Parades will be had, fireworks too, people will be visiting memorial sites of falling heroes, and having barbecues with their families, friends, and communities. I didn't realize until recently how much I enjoyed this holiday as a kid. The feeling of patriotism, community and tradition. I remember the school field trips I used to go on as a child to historical sites, where they made monuments, and statues. I was simply too young to appreciate the sights then. I remember as a young teen going to local corporate-funded parade with the same pack of friends I have now. I remember eating so many BBQ hot dogs once.


I talked to my mom last night, she called me via Google Hangouts, we chatted briefly. She's been having a great time in North Carolina, and I'm happy for her. She's coming back today, time uncertain.

Today was weigh-in, normally I get pre-weigh-in jitters during the weekend, but I simply forgot there was a weigh in coming up. Surprise! Turns out after Sunday, Monday always follows, who knew? Anyways last week I weighed in at 485.0 pounds, and this week I am 481.0. that's an even four pound loss.

I was reading through old, old comments last night and came across one from Josh, of 700 Pounds Is As Bad As It Sounds, from February. In the comment he mentioned I was encouraging. The tone of this blog was a lot different back then. Josh hasn't been around much lately. It's been quite a while since he's dropped me a line, or even posted on his own blog, but I wondered, if he'd still be encouraged by this current me. I'm not the enthusiastic version of myself I was at the start of the year. Maybe I've become discouraging, ,maybe that's why he has been MIA, is that crazy to think? I seemed like such a different person at the start of the year. Hmmmm

It's feeling like a Frank Sinatra kind of day


  1. I think Josh is probably MIA due to his own issues so don't feel bad. As you mentioned, he hasn't blogged in quite a while. Hopefully he hasn't given up.


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