the Non-Pooping Fiend

A relaxing geese (goose?) enjoys the refreshing water.

Today I actually went walking at the park with my friend after my psychiatrist appointment (just wait until I fill you in on that mess! Tomorrow), it was a rough one, the walk I mean (though certainly the other applies too). The heat totally zapped my energy and enthusiasm, but I wasn't exactly into it from the start. I could not do the entire track. Did the longest part but not the additional half mile. We cut down  the park where the lakes is and there were a ton of geese. I envied the one smart enough to stay In the water, the other ones were fools, also pooping fools, so much poop on the walking path (and of varying consistency), what were these people feeding the geese, what ever it was was clearly going straight through them! It was like playing hopscotch trying to avoid stepping into anything. 


  1. Ducks and geese are famous for being messy poopers, if you have one as a pet your backyard is disgusting! Birds don't have separate pee and poo like mammals do, it is mixed together which is why bird poop is so runny. What a charming subject, eh?

  2. A lovely subject and so appetizing! I completely understand this as I live next to a lake filled with geese. In addition to being poop machines, they are also extremely noisy. Everyone in the neighborhood knows not to feed them so I don't know what they eat but they are very hardy! Today on my walk I saw a group of babies following the mama. They're very cute at that age.

    Hope the psych visit went okay Brandon, you seem more upbeat.


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