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As mentioned previously, I've accepted a challenge by the talented (and previously unmentioned!) Kyra, that challenge is to walk every day and draw something you seen along the way, or something that inspired you along the way. Today's walk was, undesirable, it's been grey out all day, potential thunderstorms looming, but incredibly humid. I hate that combo!

I came across this flower bush a block and a half away from my house in a field. It doesn't own the space exclusively, but there was something mesmerizing about this bright bush on this gloomy humid day.

Note to self: I really do need to find my MP3 Player! I really am not fond of walking with my thoughts alone, and ambient neighborhood sounds!


  1. That is a great sketch! I love the sky. I have decided to join you guys in going for a walk every day, but I'm not going to draw.

  2. Good job Brandon! I take a walk every day also with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company. I have RA and it takes me forever to toddle around the neighborhood! An MP3 player would probably make the time go by a bit faster.

    It was incredibly humid here as well today. Send your rain showers this way, we could use them!

    1. If the weather would stop bluffing and actually rain maybe I could, but it's just been looking like it's going to do something! It's the worst! And thank you

  3. Nice drawing! I bet it was pretty in person, too. I have music to listen to on my phone, and I go between that and not having anything. But, it's pretty quiet where I am :)

    1. It was quite a sight I must say.

      I just realize I move faster when I have music, I just kind of subconsciously focus in on the music you know? Maybe I'm not even moving faster, but I'm 100% less bored with the walk.

  4. Replies
    1. Well thank you very much Melissa.


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