Monday Begin Again

The weekend is over, it was a pretty mellow weekend in comparison to some of the ones Id been having. I did my laundry and watched quite a few movies which were a rather mixed bag in terms of genre and theme. I watched the following (All of which were pretty good I must say)


Gimmie Shelter

Kelly And Cal

Space Station 76

Bad Turn Worse

Beneath The Harvest Sky

Dirty Teacher

I had to set up some insurance stuff this morning, I recently got approved for Medicad which should do a lot for my future health care costs. On today's agenda is more movies, documenting my food intake, and starting my indoor walking again. I'm going to start with just one for today, and maybe do different numbers different days.

Heres a new thing I'm going to try to do everyday, it's from some worksheets I got from my recent stay at the behavioral health pavilion. They will have some degree of variation.

This is what I'm wearing today: Brown tee shirt, and grey sweatpants

And how it makes me feel: comfortable overall.

To Do

One Easy Thing:  Logging my food

One Moderately Difficult Thing: Increase water intake ( I was doing so well, but now, not so much)

One Really Difficult Thing: Actually doing the mile.

My favorite

Time of day: between 5 and 7 pm.

Childhood Toy: limited Edition black and silver Buzz light year action figure/Furby

Gadget: iPad

Place To Relax: I'm not quite sure

Legendary Hero: Batman

3 Events That Have Been In The News and On My Mind

Apple Watch release pricing

Oklahoma University Fraternity Scandal

Total Solar Eclipse 2015


  1. Have you seen the youtube video of the bedsheet workout? You can do it sitting down, and it looks amazing! That guy is so entertaining I can watch him like a movie! I haven't tried the workout because of shoulder issues, but I wish someone else would try it and report back on it!

    1. I'm going to try it out sometime this week and make a post about how it went. Thanks for the suggestion


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