On The Right Track

My Fitness Pal said I should be taking in 3700 calories a day according to my weight and height. I tried taking that into consideration yesterday, however I consumed less than half that. I think I did okay overall. For breakfast I had a bowl of Fruity Cheerios, for lunch I had a bag of Quaker Popped sweet chili rice crisps, I later had another bag for a snack, and then for dinner I had baked orange roughy fish, green beans and coleslaw. All that came to a grand total of 1,245 calories, interestingly I went over my sodium limit. So that's something I need to keep an eye out on. In other news... I didn't do my mile yesterday, but will definitely do it today. I think yesterday went well.

I think I'm going to do some drawing today, during the early months of last year I did a lot of drawing and then it tapered off a bit. I think it went from fun to creative to abstract to really just representing my feelings. I'm no artist so none of it is great, but it's some I did and enjoyed todo, so below are some of last years work.

I draw everything on my iPad with an app called Paper By FiftyThree, using a stylus.

So there you have it, I really want to impress myself with today's drawing hopefully I'll have something cool to show you guys tomorrow.

As for today, doing my mile is my top priority, and of course eating right.

Someone Who Inspires Me a With There Bravery: My mom, our relationship has been strained over the years, but I do believe she is incredible strong for the things she has survived and endured. Sometimes I overlook these things and only look at the wrong, but there was a lot of right.

Some Who Inspires Me With There Talent: My oldest brother has the gift of art, he has always inspired me to draw, he is incredibly talented. I always thought he would end up being a famous cartoonist or create his own comics. A tattoo artist is more likely at this point, but even that is cool, and requires talent, which in art he has an abundance of.

A Work of Art or Music That Inspires Me: a few years ago when I started college, I discovered the music of Florence + The Machine, the album Lungs is very abstract and emotional and it just clicked with me like nothing had before. Songs like Falling, Drumming, My Boy Likes Coffins, Dog Days Are Over, and Cosmic Love made for a very powerful impact. I've been a fan ever since and just enjoy the creative that comes from the growing body of water.

A Place a That Inspires: New York, hope to go there someday.

One Relationship I've Been Working Hard On: The one with myself.

Progress To Date: It's an uphill battle

Looking Forward: I think I'll get there one day

3 People Who Keep Me Honest: My youngest nephew Kieryn, my oldest Nephew Fred, Myself 


  1. OMG, I love your art! Especially the last 7. You are very talented! I'd buy them if I saw them at a show, really.


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