The Best News I've Heard In The Last 24 hours: my Amazon order finally shipping.

One Project/Task I'll start today: utilizing positive affirmations.

One Habit I Would Like To Develop: eating vegan

One Habit I Am Trying To Break: procrastination (not trying nearly hard enough)

One Good Thing About Today: it's officially spring and it looks and feels it

Polka dots or Stripes: Stripes

Toffee or Fudge: Fudge

Curtains Or Blinds:  Blinds

Talk Radio or Rock and Roll: Both

Laptop or Desktop: Laptop

Pen with Blue or Black Ink: Black

Digital or Analog Watch: Digital

DIY Home renovations or Hire contractor: Hire Contractor

Gas or Eletric oven: Eletric

Tennis Or Golf: Tennis

Iced Coffee or Iced Tea: Iced Tea

Short Stories or Poetry: Both

Meadow or Forest: Forest

Reptiles Or Insects: Reptiles


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