I was able to get in with my doctor yesterday for that follow up, after I seen my case manager. Turns out I was a bit premature on that follow up, to be fair I was so shocked she had an opening same day that I just had to take it. The bad news is my blood pressure is still, in her words, over the roof. She increased one of my medications, I again have to follow up next week, if it's not in control by then she may add an additional medication!

Me and my friend went walking yesterday, it was the first truly warm day, I was sweating like crazy! I also was feeling sluggish the entire walk (which might have been because of my blood pressure). We decided we are going to walk every day this week pending weather. I'm not sure about it honestly, my feet were hurting during yesterday's walk and are still sore today, I'm not sure if they are up for it, but unless I absolutely can't stand the pain, I will walk (pending weather).

Yesterday for breakfast I had a bowl of weight watchers cereal, I fasted until dinner and for dinner I had two baked chicken breast tenders, a cup of mashed potatoes and a cup and a half of mixed vegetables. I consumed a grand total of 815 calories, and burned 287. Now I know that grand total is quite low, it wasn't intentional, had I gone with the hash browns (I considered it) I would have been in my regular range, but I wanted to get those mashed potatoes out of the way, and that one cup contained 1,222 sodium, when combined with everything else I had I was just below my sodium goal. My hands were tied, but I was full, and didn't have any issues with hunger later in the night.


I've already been to today's dermatologist appointment, unfortunately it appears I have some kind of chronic skin condition that causes these boils, it can't be cured, but it can be controlled. Two more prescriptions were added, I've lost count of how many I'm on now. The good news is the antibiotics the doctor put me on last week have helped a lot. Not much on the agenda, walking this afternoon, its a chilly, grey day, looks like rain or a thunderstorm could roll in a any moment so we will see.


  1. Oh, I hope you can get your blood pressure under control soon, that is worrying. But I think regular gentle exercise, like your walking, should help.

    I couldn't fast all day I get so hungry! But it sounds like you are listening to your body.

  2. I'm so glad you got that appointment in! Addressing health issues (like high blood pressure and skin) is self-care, and I hope you're feeling good that you're facing them. (You're so worth it.) I was wondering if your doc might recommend a visit or two with a nutritionist--only so that he or she can help you navigate all the sodium that's out there? Day by day, friend.


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