What a mixed bag of a day it was, my stomach was just a glorified mess yoyoing up and down. My eye appointment was miserable for the simple fact that the office seemed so unbearably humid to me.  I have new glasses arriving next week sometime, I tried out a few different frame styles but settled on some less busy black ones. I can't pull off cool just yet, maybe in another hundred and fifty pounds or so.

Eating was a bit easier, again I had cereal, raisin bran, fasted till dinner and had chicken tenders and hash browns with cheese sauce (I live for that cheese sauce). I consumed a grand total of 1,348 calories. I met my sodium goal right on the nose.


I'm feeling a bit better, that feeling in my stomach is still there but it has let up quite a bit. I slept a bit better too. My youngest nephew will be spending the day here, though my mom will be watching him this time. I'll be relaxing watching True Dectective, and enjoying my full calorie allowance. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go out for lunch with my friend, but I just don't know if I want to allow myself to indulge in even healthy temptation. We shall see.


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