Yesterday might have been my most successful day ever, here's why.

Yesterday I went walking at the park again with my buddy, this time two more of our friends decided to tag along, they've been inspired by my recent progress. It was an incredibly fun walk and reminded me of when we were all kids, we were joking, laughing, having an all around good time. Yesterday my buddy Carlos (not pictured, because he took it) said to me "oh wow, you really are losing weight, that shirt is a bit too big on you now" I thanked him for the compliment but internally really just basked in it for a minute, it was incredibly gratifying. At our park there is a mechanical elliptical system, my friends and I all took turns trying it out, I was only on the thing for a minute but felt it in my upper legs the rest of the day!

After we finished our walk the guys decided they wanted to have lunch, they were going to Penn Station East Coast Subs, and I declined at first, but one of them convinced me there was something on the menu I could get and remain below my sodium and calorie goal (wrong!). So I decided to go, when we arrived we grabbed menus and I browsed my options, I was interested in the chicken Parmesan and the Italion sub, I had my buddy look those and two more up on MyfitnessPal, and every single one had over my entire day's worth of sodium, I was going to order one and just eat half,but then I decided no! I didn't get a sub, I instead got mini bag of baked chips, and ate that while my friends had subs. There subs looked so incredibly good, I felt like I was watching Man Vs Food in real life, all that delicious food being consumed right before, and all I had was a miniature bag of plane baked chips. My friends were proud, and very impressed with my will power, and truly showed them how serious I am about this journey. I sat in a restaurant with friends and only consumed 130 calories, 150 sodium! I don't know if I've ever been more proud of myself.

For breakfast I had two bowls (2cups) of weight watchers cereal, and a piece of turkey sausage. I had that mini bag of baked chips for lunch, and for dinner I had 4 ground chicken tacos. I consumed a grand total of 1,216 calories, and was below my sodium.


I meet with my therapist this morning, then this afternoon I walk again. That's it, maybe watch a movie or catch up on House Of Cards.


  1. Those are great pictures!

  2. That was an awesome show of willpower, I don't know that I could do it! Way to go!

  3. Can you hear me applauding?! Fabulous progress!

  4. Wow, you are such an inspiration to those around you! Would your buddies be out exercising if it weren't for you? Go Brandon. And I agree - you are swimming in that shirt :)

  5. Great work! And you are helping and inspiring your friends, that is so wonderful. Feeling like a kid again is awesome.

  6. Great job Brandon, so proud of you.


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