Weigh-In Day

Let's start with a recap of yesterday per usual.

For breakfast I had a bowl of weight watchers cereal, then I snacked, and snacked, and snacked some more (borderline binged). Barbecue corn chips, sour scream and onion potato chips, wheat thins, rice crisps and butter cookies, throughout the day. For dinner I had two fried pink salmon pattie sandwiches (with mustard), and two hash brown patties (with entirely too much ketchup). I consumed a grand total of 3,155 calories (cut it pretty close this time).


I was really concerned that my eating from this past weekend might effect today's weigh-in, I took in just an insane amount of sodium on both days, and had about a ton of sugar, all while staying below my default calorie goal of 3,680. So how did today's weigh-in go? Quite well. I'm actually blown away, I had to double check to be sure.

Last week I weighted 514 pounds, this week..... 506! Down 7 pounds, I'm quite shocked by the results, I lost more last week than I did during boot camp week. This puts me a lot closer to dropping out of the 500s than I anticipated.

Even with this weeks great weigh-in, I'm continuing on with my plan to eat between 1200-1500 calories, I originally made these plans because I figured I'd have a hard time exiting the 500s by May, but now that possibility seems a lot more likely, still the plan remains. This new calorie goal will be in effect for the next 3 weeks, minimum, including the weekends.

This week I have quite a few appointments, I have to schedule another appointment with my general care doctor, I see my dermatologist tomorrow, I have therapy Wednesday, vision work Friday and today I'm meeting with my case manager to go over some things. So busy week in terms of appointments, and I just realized I need to schedule an appointment to get my knees looked at. This afternoon I'm going walking with my buddy again at the park.

Something interesting happened earlier I got a call from Meijer's (US retail store chain, à la Wal-mart) they are hiring in all positions and had my application on file from when I was applying like crazy at the beginning of the year.  He asked me if I'd be interested and I said yes, and I have to call him back for a phone interview later today. My mom is in high protest, and I don't know what my thought process was or is, I just feel like another employment opportunity has fallen in my lap and maybe I should take it. The fact remains however that I'm still a big guy, still have social anxiety and plantar fasciitis they haven't gone away. The truth is I likely won't call him back, I'd be a fool to jump back into the same situation I was. I just wish I could understand why I'm even considering it.


  1. Congrats on your weight loss. I would encourage you to maintain one "higher calorie" day on the weekend and maybe eat an extra 500 calories of one or two things you are craving. That way if you really want something, you can not only fit it in, but learn to wait for it until your "treat" day. Days with yesterday's menu will catch up with you, though!
    If you are thinking of getting a job, you could request part time/not more than four hour shifts...your body might learn to handle that more easily, and you can always add hours as your health improves. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah, you may be right, I think I may add back a full calorie day for the weekend, thanks!

  2. I think the meds are really helping your social anxiety so you feel able to do more now. I would suggest you try to find/negotiate for a job that has shorter shifts and/or time sitting down. You don't want to be back in that pain - but not all jobs have you standing up for 12 hours in a row! Find one that doesn't.

    Great weight loss. You've been working hard all week, one bad day doesn't negate that. (Well, it always does for me, but looks like you had the balance right.)

    1. Thanks Natalie. I think before I start looking for work I'll wait till my orthotics come in.


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