Sweet Sugar

Yesterday was a rather uneventful day, I honestly can't recall doing anything specific at all (sigh). For breakfast I had some honey oats Weight Watchers cereal, for lunch had a ground chicken burrito and some chips, and for dinner I had another burrito with some rice crisps. I also snacked a lot on sugary foods... Last weekend when my mom made that chess cake (the one I swore I wouldn't indulge in) for my nephew, I sort of hid 3 pieces, and ate them yesterday, along with two very rich iced sugar cookies and a Tastykake Iced Honey Bun (not all at once). I totally went over the top  with the sweets. I consumed a grand total of 2,884 calories. Let's not even talk about sodium....


Today is the last day I'm allowing myself to eat my full calorie range, I noticed the other day in MyFitnessPal that I had the wrong height entered. I adjusted it and it gave me a slightly higher calorie goal from 3,610 to 3,680, so that's that. I feel like I've already ruined my chance at a weightloss for tomorrow's weigh in with the way I ate yesterday, and I have no idea what damage I'll do today. So I'm likely in for the first week where the scale doesn't move, we will see tomorrow. Today is laundry day, and my room has gotten a little cluttered again so it's time for a sprucing up. That's the agenda


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