I had a really really rough night last night, would certainly say I had a set back emotionally speaking. I've been doing fine during the day, and the evening, but I can't seem to get to sleep on time these last few nights, I think I was up until 4 am. My mind seems to revert back to that melancholy haze at this time for some reason. I also got into a rather nasty dispute with my buddy Matt on Facebook. I honestly think he may just be a horrible self-centered friend that I may need to cut from my life entirely. It sucks, I can't afford to drop any friends, but I'm not even sure he knows how to be one, there is no winning this one. It's not going to make things any easier for me going forward, not initially anyways.

Here's some good news that made me super happy. My nephew's Jaedyn and Kieryn mom told my mom that little Kie Kie was asking about me all week! How cute is that! That made me so happy. He is spending the day over tomorrow so that should be fun.

Thursday I'm having dinner with my friend from the hospital. I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. I have had to cut people from my life several times. The truth is that your own company is often far better for you than certain people's company when they are detrimental to who you are, or your goals. Friends aren't something that you really have a lot of - not true friends. Those are few and far between. The rest? They pass through your life, and sometimes you have to decide when it's time for them to leave, and be OK with the vacancy. It's not as bad as you think. :)


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