Dinner with my friend from the Pavillion was fantastic went to this five star local barbecue restaurant. I considered canceling like 6 times as my anxiety just kept yo-yoing as the clock kept reaching closer towards the time. I had pulled pork nachos, you know, lol,  thinking back, I'm pretty freaking sure there was no cheese! I'm sure that was the point, it was quite delicious. She got brisket. We spent a great deal of time talking about a range of areas of our lives, it was quite nice. I had to mentally-visually mute out the other patrons as at times it got quite crowded, and it just made me nervous, and I was not fond of the close seating proximities. Still I had a great time and was glad I went. She strongly thinks I should go to some kind of support group for the over weight, which wasn't the first time it's come up, but it's been brought up more frequently lately, so I'm going to do some digging to see if I have any options as far as that goes.

My nephew also spent the entire day over again. It was great, he certainly exhausted all over my energy this time. I already miss him, but I'm glad to get my bed to myself, my iPad to myself... Basically my stuff to myself. All in all it was a great day.

Watching  The Fresh Beat Band Of Spies 


  1. The food and visit with your pavilion friend sound very nice; glad you enjoyed yourself. If you are interested in a weight loss group you might try TOPS. I go and we have several members in the 400-500 range. Everyone understands and is compassionate and kind.

    It's also much less expensive than Weight Watchers but that might be an option for you as well.


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