Feeling More In Tune

I must admit since starting my new antidepressant just a few days ago I've been feeling a little bit more balanced. I'm thankful to be feeling like I'm getting back on track mentally. I had therapy Wednesday and it went well. I'm hoping this effect isn't short lived. I will say, it's been great to be thinking clearly though, it's also been great to have regained my appetite. I've been eating a lot. I've went over my default calorie goal twice this week and don't mind. I may end up gaining weight next week as a result. I say this every time I go over and it hasn't happened yet, but who knows. I'm prepared either way. I really have to watch the low calorie intake, I just don't see how those celebrity's do it! I supposed if I had some kind of motorized contraption attached to my bed to make it, and thus me,  mobile, I could do it, otherwise I just can't do it, I have no energy, I get weak, I need to stay in bed. Ugh.

That brings me to this next step in my journey. I've been slacking on my park-walking (as well as my art walking). I think I'm sick of the park, and that goose poop fiasco last time I went didn't leave a great lasting impression either. I'm on what I think is an indefinite hiatus from it. The idea of maybe a different park has come up, but I don't like the idea of an unfamiliar park. I think I'll start my Leslie Sanson videos back up, I'm pretty sure I got better results from those anyways... actually can't be sure about that statement. I didn't get my scale until after the pavilion, and then shortly after I began walking at the park, and cut out the videos. So I guess now I we will find out. Maybe I will start back out with Leslie next week.

My buddy has been wanting me to go play Disc Golfing with him for awhile. I went once several years ago. Never again. I sweat so much, I'm a sweater, I sweat from breathing pretty much. Add heat and regular movement, oh boy. There is so much back and forth with this game, but the biggest issue I have with it, is how incredibly boring I find it. It would be great for fitness, but, no, never again.

I turned down a nice outing with my friends Friday morning. They wanted to hangout, go to a nice pizza eatery out of town for lunch. I just wasn't feeling it. I've heard about that place before, but I actually did have pizza earlier in the week, and went for dinner Thursday so I felt like in terms of consumption I can dial it back. I also just wasn't feeling very social. I just wasn't in the mood. The truth is I actually cancelled last minute. I didn't regret it.


  1. Yay for the medication helping! And yes, I'm having issues with follow through on the walking and sketching too. That might have been biting off more than I can take on right now with everything... eek!

    1. Yes, I feel like I have a lot more control over my mind now. I feel a bit more sane. Not that I was insane... But you know what I mean.... (I hope).

      As for our challenge, perhaps it was indeed a bit ambitious. I'm thinking every other day for me.


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