Monday Weigh-in Results

Today was weigh-in day, but first a quick recap of yesterday. Yesterday I had a cream filled donut for breakfast, for lunch I had some spinach dip, and snacked on some chips. For dinner I had some Tyson Breaded Chicken Tenderloin and baked fries. I also had two iced sugar cookies... And a piece of my nephews chess cake. I consumed a total of 2,399 calories. I obviously indulged a bit yesterday, there were so many unusual treats and options around because my nephew was here. Still I could have done worse, and managed to remain under my default calorie goal of 3,610.

Last week I weighed in at 519 pounds, this week I'm 514, I lost 5 pounds! Last weeks Boot Camp Week was a raging success. I will certainly be doing another one in the future. I'm very happy with this weeks weight loss.

Today, in about an hour in fact, I'll be going to walk the track with my friend again. My nephew just left about 5 minutes ago. It was a very nice stay, it's so weird to have him going back so soon, but at least he got an extra day, he was going to leave yesterday but was allowed to stay over one more night. On the agenda today is to stay below 1,500 calories and not go over my sodium goal of 2,300mg, of course this is also the week goal as well.

Other than those things only other thing I have planned is calling my case worker and making that follow up appointment I didn't get around to making. Oh and watching those TV shows I mention a few weekends back. I decided the Teen Wolf show just wasn't for me, new school zombies and werewolves, not my thing. I knew that but gave it a shot anyways, no dice!

I think maybe I'll make this a reading week also. I have hundreds of megabytes of books (and comic books) on my iPad, and I need space. Last year  I started using this app called snapfish which is basically an online print service, well they had some deal going on where I get like 50 free prints a month for a year, I just have to pay shipping, I've only used it once, but I'd like to use it again a few times  before it expires this summer, but I have to import photos off my computer and that will require a ton of space. Which I don't have. So I need to read!


  1. You are working so hard and it is certainly showing results! Let me see...5 pounds is a bag of potatoes!! Go Brandon!,
    In was wondering if you have ever had a time previously when you put forth such effort?

    1. Thanks Susan!

      Honestly no, this is the most committed, and the hardest Ive ever worked to achieve weightloss. Something has fundamentally changed, and getting where I want to be matters more than ever.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Natalie (can I call you Nat?)!

  3. You're going to be in the 400's before you know it!


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