Sodium, Ketchup and Calorie Goals


For breakfast, you guessed it, Apple Jacks. I fasted till dinner and then had some honey battered chicken tenders and baked fries. Then snacked on some Cheezits and Wheat Thins. I consumed a grand total of 1,490 calories, and my sodium would have been just below again, but I didn't notice till after though that my mom had sprinkled a little salt over the fries, which means I went over my sodium goal by a couple hundred.

Therapy went well, we basically got things processed for the coming weeks, I do like my therapist, she's alright. We didn't get into much the first day, but she did give me homework, and made me say the following sentence out loud five times "I'm willing to make changes in my life" which was actually difficult, obviously I'm willing to make changes, I've been on a weightloss journey, but there was something about hearing my self out loud say those words. It felt so positive, which made me uncomfortable, hearing myself be positive. Obviously I have a long way to go with therapy. Anywho Wednesday's are my official therapy days, and I'm suppose to repeat that sentence five times a day!


I have my follow-up appointment with the doctor in just over an hour, then later on I have the foot casting/molding at the podiatrists, then later in the afternoon me and my friend are going to hit the walking path at the park again. The end of the week approaches, and I'm excited because I'm totally sick of eating below 1,500 calories! It's been a long week, and I want something that's rich in sugar (please!!!!!!)! I'll have to wait till the weekend, where my only goal is to stay below my default goal of 3,610. All that said, I still have two days to go, and today the goal remains to stay below 1,500 calories, and consume below my sodium goal (2,300mg)

Staying below 1,500 hasn't been too difficult in part because that sodium goal, it's amazing how quickly it adds up, and how it's basically in everything. I'm the kind of person who used to pour a nice helping of ketchup on my plate with my fries, but now I have to make a single tablespoon last, which is loaded with 160mg of sodium, so I can't imagine how much sodium I was consuming from ketchup in years past.


  1. Heinz makes a low sodium ketchup you might want to check out. Not sure how reduced the salt is but worth a shot.

    I don't blame you for being sick of 1500 calorie count, it sure doesn't seem like you get much to eat.

    Glad you like your therapist.

    1. Yeah, I'm certainly going to have to start looking for low sodium alternatives to a lot of things.


  2. If you want to bulk out your meals a bit, vegetables are really low calorie. Now I'm totally not being holier-than-thou about this, I don't like vegetables much and don't eat nearly enough, in fact I hardly ate any before I got married to someone that likes them! But I tried a few and found some I like (other than corn and potato, which apparently hardly count). Cucumber, for example, I really actually like and only has about 10 calories for a whole cucumber, and it fills you up a bit - or helps when you also have protein and carbs as well. If I am trying to eat really low calorie, one thing that helps me is adding more vegetables so I don't feel so hungry and deprived.

    Your sodium goal is great, its so hard when it's in everything! I really like those 2 minute ramen noodles where you pour boiling water in the cup, but one cup has a whole day serving of sodium. Even sweet things have salt, and salty things have sugar, and all that processed food is just messed up. Pity it's so tasty. I love salt but I had to cut down a lot in my cooking because my husband got high blood pressure and I'm trying to look after him. I check all the labels and get low sodium versions when I'm using something out of a can or packet, like chopped tomatoes or ketchup. (But I add a bit of salt to my own plate at the end. Something I'm working on. I don't let the kids add any to theirs.) I use more other spices instead, chili and paprika and garlic, to give flavour. Experimenting is good.

    1. It's not easy to eat less sodium to be sure. It's in everything!

      The veggie idea is great. Try baby carrots too, they are often sweet. If you really want your veggies to taste good, try roasting them. It brings out the natural sugars.

      Brandon, can you have fruit on your program? If you can, then try freezing grapes. They are really good!

    2. Yeah yesterday I had a nice sized meal because I had two cups of mixed vegetables with my dinner, that really added some volume and made it much more filling. Yeah I've been on the guard for sodium lately, I noticed weeks ago I would be below my calorie goal, but sometimes several thousand over sodium. Mrs Dash is also a great seasoning option.

      I can have fruits, and I love grapes so that's an idea I may put to use soon.


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