Yesterday was a pretty solid day. I went for my walk at the park with my friend, it seemed to have taken longer than before. I wore more comfortable shoes, but they clearly brought down my momentum of speed, I burned 291 calories. For breakfast I had a bowl of Apple Jacks.  For lunch I snacked on some chips and for dinner I had some left over chicken and baked fries. I consumed a grand total of 1,245 calories, and was just below my sodium goal. I Have my first therapy appointment set for tomorrow, and Thursday I have both my follow-up appointment with my doctor, and the casting for my orthotics with the podiatrist.

Today I will be following the goal of the week, no other plans really. I told my friend about the scale I got a while back and he ordered one, it came in this morning, he found out he weighs 417 pounds. He thought he was much higher so he was a bit happy, that being said it put some things into prospective for me. I weigh just under a hundred pounds more than him. It's a harsh reality to know you're working to be in numbers someone else is working to get out of. I'm also a little jealous, I wish I could start my journey off at his weight, he can actually buy clothes at a really popular chain here, I can't wait to be there. He is also much lighter on his feet and has much faster walking pace than me, he slows it down during our walks though so I'm not left in the dust. I'd say throughout our friendship I've always been about 80 to 100 pounds heavier than him. Probably closer to 200 last year at my peak, and before he gained. At least I'm on the right track, the goal is still to be out of the 5s by May, and then steam roll out of the 4s by June, and just slide into  the  200s by August. Lol I'm kidding, if only, but charging ahead nonetheless.


  1. You'll get to your goal; have patience! I know, it's really hard. I only had 130 to lose and I couldn't wait to get it all off and be done.

    I'm sure there are people who wish they were at your current weight.

  2. Forgot to add: let us know how your appointments go. Hope they are helpful!

  3. Lol I wish weight loss was that fast for us all! It's hard, but you can't compare yourself to others. You are on the right track and going as fast as you can!


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