The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


I had several appointments. One with my general care doctor and another with the podiatrist. The first appointment was early, it was my follow appointment since being placed on high blood pressure medicine. Well unfortunately  my blood pressure was still high! I don't understand it, I was honestly hoping she'd take me off it, that she see that there was no big deal and that maybe my high readings were isolated incidents, but that didn't happen. What happened is she put me on two additional medications to help control my blood pressure. In addition to that she said I was lacking vitamin D, and put me on something for that. Also I had some weird bump formations on my arm that she put me on antibiotics to take of! Ugh!

The podiatrist meeting went better, he took X-Rays again, this time the system was working, and now know luckily I do not have any bone spurs or fractures in my feet. We began the casting shortly after, it took about 30-45 minutes, and then I was out of there. It'll be over a month before my orthotics arrive. A few hours after my podiatrist appointment, my friend arrived to take me for our walk at the park, but as soon as we entered the parking lot, a huge thunderstorm arrived, so sadly we did not walk, but we were going to, but the weather didn't permit it.

For breakfast a bowl of Apple Jacks, and then fasted until dinner. For dinner I had baked chicken breast with peppers, mashed potatoes and 2 cups of mixed vegetables, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I later snacked on some Cheezits and Wheat Thins. I consumed a grand total of 1,055 calories and stayed below my sodium goal.


I discovered a few days ago that my depression medication would run out far before next Friday's appointment with the psychiatrist, I informed my therapist who informed some other people, and got my appointment fast tracked to today. So today I will meeting with my psychiatrist for the first time, that should be interesting. Today nothing else much on the agenda honestly, just to follow the calorie and sodium goal.


  1. Whew, you have a lot going on! :) I enjoyed those borders for your pictures, btw.

    I hope the meeting with the psychatrist goes well, glad you could get it fast tracked to stay on track w/your meds. Good things!

    1. Hi Melissa, I know!

      Thanks, I thought the borders were bubbly, glad you liked them. The meeting went well, I'll have post about it tomorrow

  2. I hope the lumps on your arm aren't a reaction to some of your medication? Hopefully your doctor would have picked up if they were. Sounds like a super busy day but at least things are getting done. And great job on all the vegetables! :)

    1. I'm seeing a dermatologist next week my skin has been just crazy this year so it's probably unrelated, but hopefully I'll get some answers.

      And thank you


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