The Final Weekend


I went to see my psychiatrist yesterday, the office is out of town and had to use an insurance funded transportation service to get there (my mother has a phobia of driving out of town, and on highways).
They arrived just after 1:30pm, I was informed another person would be along for the ride (mild anxiety ensued). The driver arrived in a gold van, I originally sat in the front seat, but I was requested to buckle my seat belt (it's been about 15 years since Ive done that successfully) and I couldnt, it would not stretch, how humiliating! It's one of those things you just hope people assume you can't do and don't bother to ask, but that wasn't the case. I had to switch seats with the other, thinner passenger.

The meeting with my psychiatrist was insightful, he confirmed my major depressive disorder as well as my social phobia (social anxiety disorder) and binge eating disorder. I was informed that the depression medication I'm on helps with both depression and anxiety (I knew this) and that I'm  only half way into the medication having its full effect(four more weeks), so I wasn't put on anything additional for the social anxiety, he did however put me on a mood stabilizer to help with the binge eating disorder and to help reduce those extreme depressive episodes I've been having. All that said, looking at my rising pill bottle collection is not pleasing. Officially  I'm on two blood pressure medications, a water pill, prescription vitamin d pills, depression, a mood stabilizer and on top of it all, antibiotics! A month and a half ago I was on nothing! This is quite the adjustment.

Yesterday I had the last bowl of Apple Jacks for breakfast, I had some melted velvetta cheese and salsa dip for lunch, then had ground chicken burritos (2) for dinner. I consumed a grand total of 1,439 calories, but went over my sodium quite a bit.

The week is over and it had mixed results

Stayed below my calorie goal all five days

Stayed below my sodium goal 3 out of five days

Did only one of the three days of walking.

Certainly not Boot Camp Week level success, but a moderate success overall I'd say.

Today & The Weekend

This weekend I'm allowing  myself to eat my full calorie intake, for the last time! At the start of next week my calorie goal will permanently be in the 1200-1500 range. I have only 3 weeks to lose 15 pounds to exit the 500s, and I simple must achieve it! No plans for the weekend yet, and realistically I don't see that changing


  1. Glad to hear the drs visit went well Brandon. Don't feel bad about the meds; it doesn't mean you'll be on them for life. I didn't know there were meds for binge eating, those would be really helpful. Let us know if they work.

    Not that you'll need it much longer but can you get one of those seat belt extenders? Safety first friend. I hope the transport driver didn't hurt your feelings, I think he has to ask each patient for insurance/liability reasons.

    Enjoy your weekend and your full calorie range!


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