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The other day I was strolling through the App Store on my iPad and came across something interesting. It was an app called Visualize You, in which you take a picture of your self, add your weight, height and goal weight and it makes a picture of what you'll look like after the weightloss. I downloaded it and gave it a try.

Start off by taking your picture, or using one in your library

Then you put in your height

Then you put in your weight

Then you put in your goal weight

Then it takes you to the next step,

aligning your eyes

Then aligning your other facial features

And then your done

The final result can be a bit wonky but you can adjust the weight loss to make it look more natural. Its a fun little app that gives me a little pleasure, it's a little glimpse of what could be and that's pretty cool when the journey is as long as mine will be. If you have an iOS device (I'm not sure if it's on android) I'd recommend giving it a go, it's fun and a little encouraging.


  1. Wow, that is pretty dramatic isn't it! Good motivation to be able to visualise what you are aiming for.


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