For breakfast I had my patented bowl of Apple Jacks for breakfast. I fasted till dinner and had a tuna salad sandwich with some barbecue corn chips. I later snacked on a serving of Wheat Thins Popped, and a serving of Cheezits Cheddar Jack. I consumed a grand total of 1,262 calories and again was just below my sodium goal.


I go to therapy in a couple hours, I'm a little nervous to be honest, but ready. I don't have anything else planned today, I'm hoping it isn't as boring as yesterday. I watched tv shows, youtube videos, listened to some music, and I was pretty bored. I kept thinking I hope tomorrow isn't like this, and here tomorrow is. It's a dark gloomy day. I Joked yesterday about fast tracking to the 200s, but it just dawned on things that I probably won't seeing improvements in my life till I'm around the 300s. Reason why I say that is just thinking about my boring day yesterday, one of the many reasons Im on this weight loss journey is to be more accessible to things, and just have more of f a life. When I'm thinner I'll go out to movies, go disc golfing, shoot photographs and be invited to do things and go places. I'll also make more friends, once I'm thin I reckon the days of sitting at home wondering "what is my life" will be over, but I've got a long way to go and that saddens me. I just have to keep it in my head that I am making progress.

I feel like I should inform you guys that I reactivated my facebook at the start of the month. I seem to have been having a much healthier relationship with it now, I don't seem to be looking and comparing lives the way I have done in the past. That being said it is still early, and I have noticed I check it far too frequently.


  1. Brandon, when you are on Facebook, if you would like to, please join the group "My 383lb weight loss story". There you will find the most supportive, active, helpful group of people who share your journey, that you will ever find. It is run by Brian Flemming, whom you might have heard of, who has lost 383 pounds and is now paying it forward. It is so inspirational to read people's stories, their successes, their difficulties. Many, Many people who are your size and larger, some just starting, some who are finishing. You may have heard of Brian, as he has been in the media quite a bit. I think he probably has his story on youtube if you haven't seen it yet. I am a member of that group as well, and have learned so much in there!

    1. Guess what, I've been in that group since January. It is a fantastic group, but I got detached from it for a few reasons, one I started to feel like a needed to constantly be positive, and post progress. Which is really just a pressure I put on myself, but I made a post on there at the start of the year and it literally got hundreds of likes and hundreds of comments, I updated once a week for about three weeks, with positive news, and I felt like I set a precedent, and didn't want to let people down with the enivitable bad weeks.

      The other issue, a far bigger one, was on two separate occasion someone joined the group and was just trolling, making a mockery of things posting pictures of crazy amount of food and then either their friend or the their self (as a different person) from another account would begin fat bashing/fat-shaming the troll. The kind of stuff that you don't want to see in a weight loss group. Anyways that's really when I detached after the second time. I'm still in it but don't post anything anymore.

      But the people are pretty nice, and I enjoy seeing their stories, though the "transformation Tuesday" posts always make me a little green with envy.


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