Cookie Monster

  So yesterday was a bad day for my diet, probably the worse day Ive had all year, that includes the Superbowl, why? Cookies, Peanut Butter cookies. So for breakfast I had a bowl of Kix Cereal and a few Peanut Butter cookies. For lunch... I had peanut butter cookies, and quite a few at that. And for dinner I had a delicious lunch meat sandwich with chips, and.... some peanut butter cookies. I ate so many cookies. Someone decided to make peanut butter cookies, and I decided to go overboard.

Report card

Diet: Poor. Those cookies made for a bad day. I effed up, made horrible decisions.

Exercise: Fair. I did the 25 minute chair exercises, and I do not like them, I will likely not do it gain, my chairs are too low or two high (too high in this case). Afterwards I had some back discomfort from the lower back exercises it has you do.

Water: Fair. Less than usual.

Sleep: Poor. I got to bed after 3AM, again!

Mental Health: Fair. The cookies thing had me feeling like an out of control pig with each one I ate, even the first one.

Today not much is on the agenda, I am going to hunt for exercise workouts online, and try to find something, because its not feeling like a 3 mile kind of day. I may be able to do one, but I'm just not feeling it, what matters is I do something. Tomorrow I'm going to do be live-blogging my food eating, it will represent how I usually eat. Id do it today, but there are four peanut butter cookies left, and I'm almost certainly going to eat them, and food like that isn't often around so, it isn't an accurate representation! So what Ill do is make a post regarding my food, and update that post throughout the day as I eat (tomorrow).


  1. It's interesting that you felt bad even with your first cookie - I think that making any food evil and the enemy isn't the best way to make a healthy relationship with food. What you should have done, you know, if you were perfect like me (ha!) is said "yum, that was a great cookie, which I am allowed to have in moderation, and I am glad that I can just have one and feel good about it and myself. The world is not about to run out of cookies and they will be available another day so I don't have to eat them all right now. And eating something not on my plan doesn't mean I have to give up the rest of the day, eating 100 extra calories is a lot better than eating 2000 extra calories so I'm going to stop right now."

    See how easy it is? If it was me, that is totally what I would have done... (we can pretend, anyway).

    But seriously, that is the mindset I am trying to work towards.

    1. Yeah, I actually try not to vilify food, really, but something inside me knew, that if I decided to have just one, I would tailspin out of control. And I did. I couldn't rationalize with myself, I knew that they were 120 calories a piece, and a serving was 2, and yet... Yeah

      Ive done so well though, I just don't know why these, of all things, was the big thing that i succumbed to.


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