Sunday Laundry Day

Lets get right into yesterday. I had a breakfast sandwich for... breakfast, that included sausage and bacon. For lunch I had a left over piece of cod (they aren't very big), and for dinner I decided to knock out the 2-week old leftover lasagna, before it went bad, it was maybe just over a serving size, but barely. As usual my water in take was stellar. I didn't however add that mile I said I would fit into my day.

Report Card

Diet: Solid. I did get my hunger pains off and on during the day, but I got through them.

Exercise: Poor.

Water: Excellent

Sleep: Got to bed around 12, it was probably a better nights sleep than I had the past few days.

Mental Health: Decent.

Today is laundry day, so Ill be doing that for the first half of the afternoon, I need to film my weekly recap for YouTube, and then my day will be done, as least as far as plans go. Something interesting though, I was wondering if anyone else experience this, but this morning I got this horrible sense of dread, doom and gloom, it was triggered by nothing and literally came out of the blue. A sense of hopelessness, and deep depression came over me for about 3 minutes, it was sort of an episode. It went away, but when I think about it it brings me down, I don't know how to explain it, it was just an out of nowhere sense of, idk, bad. Its gone now, like I said but, what in the world is up with that?

I need motivation for the coming week, I only worked out twice last week, that had a lot to due with my anxiety, but I need to be able to be so motivated that it defeats my anxiety, which sort of seems impossible.  We will see how this week goes, I'm not going to make any claims or predictions for the coming week. Its all up in the air.


  1. Hi Brandon :) This is my first comment on your journal, but I have been reading it since you were mentioned in Josh's journal. I have read from the beginning, and as a person who struggles with weight and anxiety both, a lot of your posts hit close to home for me. I just wanted to say that I also experiences those bursts of gloom and doom, which usually come along anytime something interferes with the safe "comfort zone" of my life. So it could be attributed to the fact that you are entering the new journey of a job, which comes with a lot of uncertainty about situations you will encounter, such as standing for so long, dealing with the public, etc. But as soon as it becomes your new "normal", the anxiety should subside. Best of luck!

    1. For some reason the comment I replied with hours ago didn't post,and it was lengthy! Grrr.

      Thanks for following along Polly, you are so right on the money with the safe comfort zone talk. My safe little bubble is changing and it is scary, it seems under the surface fear is not as out of sight as it seems.

      Thank you.

  2. Good report card today! Progress not perfection. But I give anything with meat in it 3 days before I throw it out - not 2 weeks!

    1. Lol, thats a good system, I may have exaggerated though, it may be just over a week, either way it hadn't gone bad yet... :X


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