The Blues, Wal-Mart And Clothes Shopping

Yesterday for breakfast I decided to eat my 60 calorie pack of carrots, it was my last pack and I just wanted to get them out of the way, and it was terrible, took me forever to eat most of them, and a few went to waste. It didn't do to well for my appetite, so I had an early lunch. For lunch I had a sandwich and some chips. For dinner, I had breakfast. two boiled eggs, two small sausages and a piece of toast. Between lunch and dinner I had a snack, a serving size of low fat cheddar popcorn that's only 35 calories a serving.

Report Card

Diet: Good.

Exercise: Great. I had a bad nights sleep and my body did not have the energy I needed, once I got started with my workout I told myself, before the first mile was up, I could only do the one, and one is better than nothing, but then the first mile went by quicker than expected and I remember I told you guys Id do them no matter what, that kind of bit me in the butt! But I did it, all 3 miles of my multi-muscle walking!

Water: Good

Sleep: Fair. I got to bed around midnight, but it wasn't the best sleep.

Mental Health: Fair, but descending. I have been feeling myself making an emotional, and mental decline in the last day or so, I just have kind of been getting down, and just not feeling great about myself.

  I woke up today with lower back tension, stomach discomfort and just low energy. I heard the phone ring this morning, and the first thought that hit me was Wal-Mart, please don't let it be Wal-Mart. Moments later I was brought the phone, it was Wal-Mart. I had been getting anxiety prior because they hadn't called, and my test was taken Friday (I feared I gave the wrong number on some of the paper work), then I decided the longer it takes the better, I was hoping it would be later in the week, but nope. They wanted to set up my orientation, for tomorrow. Its been pushed back, because I need to get shirts, being my size I cant go  just anywhere to shop, in fact I have to go out of town. My cloth are rather expensive, and I don't have a lot in my wardrobe. She told me it would be a week or two before she could set up another day, fine by me. I also realized my state ID was expired so I need to get that reissued as well. So this week looks like I have to get some new shirts (and pants), and an ID.

And here is my weekly recap for YouTube. 


  1. Those 3 miles days are super impressive! Keep up the good work.


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